Detailed Instructions on How to Buy Draftly NFTs on Ethereum from your Desktop Computer

Disclaimer: The information below is meant for instructional purposes only and should not be understood to constitute financial advice. Always be sure to protect your personal information and log-in information for any accounts.

These instructions are written for an individual that does not have a cryptocurrency exchange account, does not own cryptocurrency, and has never bought an NFT via OpenSea.

If you own cryptocurrency, have utilized OpenSea and are simply looking for instructions on how to move ETH to the Polygon blockchain, you can skip to Step 3 or review this instructional guide from OpenSea.

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions:

1) Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Go to the extensions feature of your web browser (we recommend Google Chrome) and download a cryptocurrency wallet and go through the sign-up process

Various cryptocurrency wallets exist, here are two we like:

Once set-up, go to the “Account” or “Show Wallet Address” button on your wallet extension and copy your wallet number (you’ll be using this number later to put ETH in your wallet)

Be sure to not log out of your wallet extension

2) Obtain Cryptocurrency

In your Chrome web browser, go to and create an account with a cryptocurrency exchange and add payment method

Various cryptocurrency exchanges exist, here are a few we like:

  1. Coinbase
  2. Kraken
  3. Gemini

Keep in mind that there are others available!

Once you’ve set up your wallet, select the amount of “ETH” you’d like to buy (due to transaction “GAS” fees on the Ethereum network, you’ll need to buy more ETH than the amount you intend to spend on an NFT)

When the ETH is available in your exchange account, use the “Send” option in your exchange app to send ETH to the cryptocurrency wallet you just created by pasting the account number for your wallet you just created in the destination box

Finalize sending ETH to your wallet, it should arrive in a few minutes

3) Buy NFTs

  1. In your web browser go to the “NFT Shop” section on the Draftly website

2. Click on the athlete whose NFT you’d like to buy

3. Clicking on the athlete’s NFT will send you to the OpenSea NFT Marketplace (the largest NFT Marketplace)

4. Click on the NFT and select either buy now or place a bid on an NFT

5. If you purchase the NFT immediately, your NFT will load into “Profile” section of your OpenSea account

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach-out to:




We are revolutionizing college and high school athletics

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We are revolutionizing college and high school athletics

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